The Mountaineering Base Sneeuberg Summit

Location: Sneeuberg summit and surrounding area (roughly 6km in diameter...) is where a dedicated team look after senior Scouts who hike to the top to partake in:

  • A tough hike to the saddle of Sneeuberg
  • Abseiling down a sheer drop, with awesome views looking South
  • Preparing supper on the sleeping ledge, overlooking Tafelberg
  • Bolder hopping and scrambling to the summit
  • The best sunset views of the Cederberg
  • 360 Degree view of the entire Cederberg
  • Sleeping 30m from the summit
  • more & more.......

Make sure, that when you choose your route in the Cederberg Adventure, that the Mountaineering Base is top of the list...

Some views