Mike Matroos

Michael McCaul

"People are capable, at any time in their lives, of doing what they dream of."
Age: 27
Motivations: Mountains put my life into perspective, and reminds me of the greatness of God. Nevertheless the Cederberg is adventurous and the excitement never seems to cease. My experience in scouting is far from ideal, but I believe I make up for it in my passion to excel in life and to continue learning and teaching. I have completed the Cederberg adventure twice and have been hiking for most of my childhood, be it with scouts or without. My feet have also explored the Drakensberg's highest peaks including the Grand Traverse and Mnt Kilamanjaro. I am currently working as a researcher at Stellenbosch specializing in clinical epidemiology and biostatistics. My previous work was as a qualified emergency care practitioner (paramedic). I am married to a beautiful wife Jeannie. Thought Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail.
Which Adventures?
2002, 2006/2007, 2010
Cederberg (multiple hikes) Kilamanjaro Grand traverse Multiple hikes (day and overnight) around South Africa over many years.


There are only three sports - bullfighting, motor racing, and mountaineering; all the rest are merely games
Ernest Hemingway