Mountaineering FAQ

How do I get a Mountaineering Badge?

The badge will be available to those who reach the summit!

What Clothing & Equipment do I need for the Mountaineering Base?

The Cederberg, can be very warm, but on top of Sneeuberg it can be very cold at night. It is advisable to take the following.

  • Wind proof Jacket
  • Beanie
  • Sleeping Bag & Ground Mat (as you sleep on a hard rock)
  • Torch

What happens on the base?

There are several activities that we offer, these include

  • Rock scambling
  • Short talk on what mountaineering is
  • Abseiling (depending on time you get to go at least twice!)
  • Cooking and sleeping on exposed rock ledge
  • Sunset summiting
  • An early wake up before you head off to next base.
  • chance to see Table Mountain, if weather is good.

How high is Sneeuberg?

The peak is at a height of 2028m.

Is it the highest peak in the Western Cape?

No, Sneeuberg is the second highest. Matroosberg which is South of the Cederberg is higher.

How long will it take to summit from the Maltese Cross?

Depending on your fitness, this should take 1 and half to 2 hours.

Can you see the sea from the top?


Can you really see Table Mountain from the top?

On a crystal clear day, normally in the early morning you might be lucky to glimpse Table Mountain.

What does Sneeuberg look like?

Click here to view sneeuberg as seen by Google Earth.